Pounding Pounding Pounding
Upon an invisible wall
It's like she's not there at all
Unable to reach her

Dying Dying Dying
Inside and outside
Trembling with the need
To make this better

Crying Crying Crying
Within and without
Can't make this better
Failing the world again

Trying to break through
All of her lies
All of her pain
Just falling down again
Slumping down against this
Unbearable nothingness
She has pushed me away
And still I say
But even that can't reach her
Through this invisible wall of hers
Upon which you write your lies
With you essence of life
You smear it across the wall
As if it weren't there at all

She tries to reach out but instead reaches in
I see you taking up the lies again
Taking up the pain and anger
Raking up you sorrow into a pile
Jumping in again

Into a world of metal and tears
Where you listen with deaf ears
Behind your wall again

Wanting Wanting Wanting
To break it down
To open her eyes
To reveal the light to her

But her eyes are sewn shut
By her own hands
And so she wanders
Into bitter lands

While I stand by helpless calling
To her ears, deaf to all but the sadness falling
Down all around her like rain

Waiting Waiting Waiting
Until the day she saves herself
Until she puts her past up on a shelf
And walks into the light.