Oh mighty river, by your banks fair and blue,
Do you remember how I grew up with you?
So soft so sweet, an innocent little child was I.
Now I am no longer so, and no longer do I cry;
But still I will not forget the comfort you gave me,
When I longed so much simply to be free.

Now I'm free and watch me fly oh great river!
But always I fly back to you my protector,
You who have watched for so long and seen,
So many lives ephemeral like mine begin;
Who have steadily beheld more than one world's end.
Will you remember me when I am around the bend?

I watch you dance merrily on the soft brown earth,
So much joy, in your fathomless bed, so much mirth!
But perhaps you are fed only by sorrowful tears.
Will you tell me the truth after all these years?
Your cold eyes of satin and silk freeze the air,
And as you run I am shaken by your sapphire hair.

Now I come back to the very same changing place,
Where you first saw my crying, blazing, dying face,
So many years have come and slowly they have gone,
Yet you are still the same, and I am still agonizing alone.
And I ask you, do you remember me gorgeous river,
You who have seen so many like me blossom and wither?

You made me live and so, even in beautiful death
I will stay, giving you my every crystallized breath.
But I know I cannot be different from so many,
And I cannot be special in your diamond eyes free
To look on every mortal, absorb and then forget.
I can only hope that you will remember the day we met.

For in no one else's mind or soul will my memory live
If no one reminisces or misses me and all I knew to give,
And you are the only one who knows me I care for.
So river, river, don't stop flowing, but let me become more
Than all the rest to you, let me stay as an undying rock,
In your clear belly, and let your waters drown me and mock.

Sheathe me from the world; keep me for yourself alone,
As you know that in this world I will not be forgone.
Just accept me within your waters. Though now I am free,
There is no place for me to go, nothing more to see.
I just wish you'd grant me comfort like you did long ago,
And give me one last kiss before into forever I flow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AN: Lol, this is a remake of my poem 'River'. It's different, I only kept a
few basic ideas because I've discovered I absolutely despise everything I
wrote before! Anyway, I think this is much better than the first
'River'.you get the point at the end, it's sweet suicide, lol. And I
renamed the first River poem Danube.so this will be the only River.