new moon's invisible light reflects on corners, soft and even
curving around ideas old and dusty yesterdays
find your way around this dark and troubled mind
through desperation's loss and princess child's hope
take a left at crazy
maybe I'll be there, sitting lost
as lost as you in this labyrinth I've built
unable to escape the tangles I've made
combing out the past and tying up the future
loose ends left to lead you out again

can I find me, let alone you, down dizzy roads of emotion
signs of thought left hanging tipsy-sided
to guide along a long way, can you tell?
how silly it seemed at the time and now unreadable
take a left at crazy
maybe I can dig myself out of this mess
remember what the sunshine felt like
I remember... golden dizzy like one of the fragments of joy
that pave the winding paths so close to me
I'm finding it clear now to see such dark reflections

dirt-encrusted looking glasses tell me how
now to find the way into my past, there lies the future
you're there to take my hand, but have my heart already
it's on your sleeve, never my own
take a left at crazy
maybe I'll get it back and walk on my own
find a way lost to me, shown by a glorious hand
find the light again and with it peace
and leave you all behind like I was left
left at crazy all those years ago