Sitting in the dark, she looks up at you,
Her dark eyes open and she spills her soul,
Her thin black hair covering her whole,
Her fingers in the cold numb and blue.

You don't see her pained expression,
Beneath the curtains of her raven hair,
So you assume she is happy and fair;
Even though she is dying without passion.

That thin hair grows thicker and thicker,
And so you don't see me cry out to anyone,
Because I can't. And I am starting to flicker,
Like a flame being blown out; all alone.

And I don't want you to see the real me,
The little crying girl that's crouching in the dark,
Behind the poise and attitude trademark;
All the confidence is an act of which I'm guilty.

I don't want you to know I am a murderer,
For killing that child that's always sobbing,
Because she's such a vulnerable thing,
And I know you have no pity for her.

But it doesn't matter, no one sees her,
I know now the whole world is blind,
And the day she is left completely behind,
You won't even notice I've left you forever.


I can hear you in a whisper but you can't even hear me screaming. Evanescence