You stand in the middle of the room and you see nothing. You hear the deafening silence emanating from all around. The complete absence of noise causes the ears to ring with an overwhelming sound. Nerves with nothing to stimulate them sending random impulses to the brain, which interprets them as pure static, the noise of nothing.

Through the open window pours the blinding light of the outside world as it explodes into view. The eyes receive more data than any computer could accurately interpret. Light reflected by the colors of trees, ground, air, bounced to the back of the eye, and relayed to the brain. Synapses firing at more than twice the speed of sound. The rain outside is pouring, drinking up the dry ground. Light glistens off a million water droplets refracted and split into an infinite series of colors moving at different speeds with different wavelengths altered by something as insignificant as a molecule composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one oxygen.

The world rotates 90 degrees and the wall watches the rain fall sideways splashing on the dirt sending fragments of dust too small for the eye to see into the heavens. The world rotates 90 degrees and standing in the heavens looking downward upon the world, the eyes are again assaulted with the twinkling of stars billions of years away. The random flashing of the lights in the sky take on patterns that you can stare at forever. Looking back down at the earth, the rain falling from the sky begins its journey through a million different paths to the ocean. Some through the streams and rivers, the mouths of animals evaporating and falling again. All over and over, reused forever, recycled by nature.

Lightning dances across the universe, electrons moving from place to place, the natural energies of creation in their own pattern maintaining balance...equilibrium.

Time rotates 90 degrees and the universe slows to compensate. The galaxies slow in their orbits of microscopic pieces of dust. Stars freeze in their tracks as collapsed systems pull them apart. Creation folds in on itself as grains of sand grind to a halt. Light bends to the will of a butterfly flapping its wings thousands of years in the future.

Lightning leaps across time as the energies of God find themselves at the beginning of time, and converge at the point of mutual annihilation.

Time and space stand on end as light and energy and matter retreat to the farthest corners of themselves. Time folds in on itself and the creation bears witness to the end of the universe. All is racing towards oblivion.

I sit watching the words before me, wondering at the mastery of everything. I rise and rotate 180 degrees and pick up the gun lying in front of me. Squeezing the crescent moon of the trigger time slows to adjust for the speed of the bullet as it rotates an infinite number of degrees on its path down the barrel of the gun. The bullet never finishes its course as the forces of the universe converge on this single point. Lights... energy... focus...time... spinning on four axes...

Watch the waves of the world fold beneath you. See humanity in its vain struggle to find meaning to life. See the patterns in the chaos. Thousands of souls moving in one common river, maintaining one rhythm pushing against the will of all the others. Swirling in a turbulent flood of nothing.

Watch the meaninglessness of it all and understand nothing more than when you started. The river flows until the billions of souls spill over the edge into oblivion. What does it all mean?

Give me a clue before I throw my life off the edge of the cliff and plunge into the abyss. Show me the way through the flood, before I become one of these twisted stories I write.

The lizard has no teeth and the lamb has no spine. The bear's claws are sunk deep into the flesh of the fatted calf, and the children cry out that the sky is falling. The dead corpse of the lion rises to sing sad songs of ones that have gone on before. Watch the bones of your ancestors scream in agony and cry out for vengeance. They have disowned you.

The animals all run away in terror. The ground swallows the sick and the weak that can't run fast enough.

He stands on a mountain far away watching creation fall apart and a smile comes to his lips. The inner fire, the fury of the earth consumes itself as he watches from on high.

"Give the lion back his teeth, and he will prey upon the weak."

Watch the people die.

Watch them die.

Watch them drop, like flies.


All is vanity...there is nothing new under the sun... the sun falls out of the sky and crushes its children beneath it.

Light the heavens on fire, consume the universe in a fervent heat. Spill the blood of the innocent into the cups ready for the greedy lips of angels and demons.

Strike out at everything, become the chaos... let that which you cannot kill, kill you and move on into nothing...

Let loose your anger, drop the walls that they have built around you. Kill them...kill them all

Kill the children, the adults, the sick, the weak, the hungry, the strong, the maimed, the already dead... raise them from their graves and burn their remains.

Burn the world. Burn the heavens. As it falls, aide it in its self destruction.

Curse God and die...

A dead body lies on the floor blood gushing from a wound to the head. The universe pouring out with it. Time and space no longer exist. One man is insignificant. All is vanity. The world doesn't exist. Only our minds make it so. Forget the world. See the movement.

Follow the degrees of movement