Dedicated to Saiya-jinmira: my sole loyal reviewer.

Where Have All the Reviewers Gone?

We started out strong,


And timely.

With every update

And edit

We were there clicking away.

No matter how horrendous,


Or odorous the writing was

We reviewed anyway.

But now,

More than a year has come and gone,

Since that first fateful review;

And our numbers have dwindled.

No longer is there that guarantee

-the ever present, efflorescent comfort-

That someone,



Will comment upon your latest

Searching of the soul.

Those lovely comments--

Whether of praise

Or flames;

Either building up,

Or cutting down--

Have all but ceased.

Though even now in time,

A few loyal remain,

But our generation of fast-clicking,

Fidelity driven reviewers

Has been overthrown,



By a new, unforgiving one.

What happened to our glory days?

What happened to the promises of our punctuality?

Our reliability?

What happened?

Where have all the reviewers gone?