A hope for peace (pt.2)

Another year passes
Survived the masses
And saw friends die in car crashes
Been through love, pain, happiness, and backlashes
Rose again through the ashes
Growing stronger, being the best, and the fastest
Never will I cry for fear or joy, regret or sadness
Struggled through the year's yearning
And learned by having been burned and burning
Being patient, waiting, and looking at the world I think
The lives we live is a fraction of a blink
Is it a trick? Were we made to love, linger, and sink?
Carelessly saying "I love you" to people who romance you
While loved one pass without getting a chance to
Grown cynical and optimistic
Through sharing the intrinsic and sticking to instinct
Revolving around the sun with evolving personal problems
Everyone is out for their selves while the world's problems we can't solve
A year is gone in living, killing, and killing for living
Fighting for causes to which there's no winning
Conferences, accords, sanctions and peace treaties
Children used to abuse fighting because they're sick of hunger and being
Some fight with guns against those without armor for pride and honor
But terrorism is a suicide bomber
You can calm me no longer
Hypocrisy grows stronger and for millions surviving is getting harder
Years can't pass serene and somber because our bombs are nuclear and atomic
And whether you're Christian, Jewish, or Islamic
All of our choices are still economic
Billions of dollars fighting wars over seas
With money that could be used to feed homegrown poverty
Still no one sees what seems to be evil and greed
A year in need spent naively in chasing the American dream
Fast cars and stars but nothing is as it seems
In a world that's fake one-day is all it takes
You could be living the life and die in a quake
So take this year and remember that it taught you
Be thoughtful, a friend someone can talk to
Remember how far another's kindness has brought you
Because in a world of war all we can afford
Are the people we love; their comfort and support
Treat others equal and never be deceitful
Call me hopeless because all I want is for the world to be peaceful