I chose to live in the sewers. Odd that this has become my dwelling. The rats scamper near my feet but keep their distance, knowing I am of a mind to make each and every one of them a meal.

The retched stench of sewer water perfumes my dreary little cave. The sopping wet mattress where I often sit bubbles and froths with the stuff whenever I do.

But I am content. Content burying my face into the moist, pungent fur of rats as I drain what little blood they have and content with the soothing sound the rushing sewage water creates. Truly I'm surprised I haven't at least halved Manhattan's rat population. They continue to breed and fester..much like my kind.

Rats and vampires are so very alike in many ways. Scavengers.Traitors.Eternal. We are parasite and host. The rat provides me obviously with nourishment and company whilst I cleanse their colony of the weak and the old.

But I digress with my fetish with the rat. Unlike my numerous half-breed brethren I can attest to true ancient blood coursing through these long dead veins. And like all full-blooded vampires I am a coward.

I've a desire for death that is insatiable. But so many, many years on this earth has allowed my fear of death to grow as well. To end this miserable existence would be a release. But I fear death. When one has sold their soul where do they go?

So instead I remain to plague this world. To haunt it's sewers and occasionally its streets if I've such a weakened will that I chose to hunt humans. My conscience does occasionally grow weary of itself.

I am Laurel. Simply that. I don't dally with last names since they are irrelevant. Iv'e witnessed more during the past few centuries than most. The sun, while fierce, is not my enemy. Under adequate clothing I too can walk amongst mortals. This is my story for all who care to endure it, for it will require just that. Endurance. Now let me begin.