It's like every time I make

One stupid little mistake.

You're already there watching,

Waiting to point it out.

Waiting to tell me how you knew I would fail.

How it's my fault that everyone

Made there own choices.

How I should be responsible

For the decisions of other adults.

You take shots at my faith.

Knock me down.

Prove to me how terrible I am.

Point out every single flaw,

Every imperfection.

But here's the thing;

You're not perfect either.

I'm longing for freedom.

Away from you,

So I can walk without expecting to fall,

Walk without believing every step I take is false.

Take whatever shots you want.

Try it.

But it's not going to knock me down.

Not this time.

For once I've built my stronghold

On a foundation of rock,

Instead of sand.

I'm gone soon.

God has shown me the way.

Shown me the first step in my path,

Towards the goal you said I can never reach.

Well guess what?

I will reach it.

With the help of God,

I will show you how wrong you were,

About me and about my life.