When I Loved You

I see you standing there,
Looking at her,
The way you looked at me,
When you loved me,

I know I should let you go,
I try to, but it's so hard,
Don't you realize?
You're tearing me up inside,

Time has gone by,
I've let you go,
But you have come back,
You say that you really love me so,

I as a love crazed fool, took you back,
But you broke my heart again,
You ran to the other,
I should have see it coming,

I've given up on you now,
I've found life beyond you,
But you keep coming back,
Even after your other,

Why wont you leave,
I gave you up, so long ago,
But you say your love for me is eternal,
But all I see, is your love for the other,

Years have gone bye,
Sense you finally let me be,
I found true love in another,
But thought of you, still come and visit me,

I read today in a paper,
A man killed him self, proclaiming he'd love no other,
He shot him self, by his own hand,
While clutching a photo in the other,

I saw it was you, lying dead on the ground,
And the photo you held,
Was of me, back when I loved you,
I clung to my lover, and cried tears for you,

I went to your wake,
And there was only one other,
The other you ran to,
When I was still your lover,

We talked about you,
About how both loved you,
How we both knew, that you thought we didn't know,
We both laughed and cried, over the love that had died,

My time is almost gone here,
I'll be in heaven soon.,
When I get there,.
I will kiss you farewell, and find my love true