Purple dragons in the air!
Purple dragons everywhere!
I see a purple dragon here
I see a purple dragon there
It flies around so gracefully
Is this what it was meant to be?
Take me up with you, purple dragon
Take me far away
I'll stay with you forever
Forever and today
So show me what it's like to be free
Before I'm bound again to the house next to that tree
Let me see how you live
If only for a day
I know you'll forgive
My inauspicious way
I want to taste the life that you have
I want to see it oh so bad
Even if it's only for an hour
I can be happy, not dour
So fly me up to that lovely city in the sky
Fly me up there, purple dragon, fly me high
Heh, just a silly poem about an inside joke. My friend and I came up with
this inside joke and our former teacher thinks that it's some sort of drug
that we take. We don't take drugs, but it's funny to make her think that.
Aren't inside jokes great? Maybe I should do the one about the shiny, red
shoes? Naw, you all aren't ready for that one yet. LoL. Hope you enjoy
since it's not all dismal like my others. I like it because it's funny to
me. It may not be funny to you, but you don't know the joke either... LoL.