I had a dream

A precious dream

To treasure always.

I was walking

Simply walking

In a field of scarlet red.

With each step

Each faltering step

The sensuous perfume arose.

A thousand and one roses

Surrounded by red roses

I walked on.

Each bloom

Lovely as the next

All gleaming in the moonlight.

Deeper I walked

Till all around me

Was a sea of flaming ruby.

I wanted to skip

Like a small child

Discovering how to play.

I strolled on

To the centre

Of the waves.

There in the centre

Of the field of scarlet roses

Was a bloom of different colour.

Stooping carefully

I plucked it from the ground

Feeling it's velvet petals caress my skin.

I wanted to drown

In it's intoxicating scent

So rich that scarce could I breath.

The heavy fragrance

Hung in the midnight air

As I lay in the field of sanguine.

I studied the perfect bloom

Clutched between my fingers

It's rich crimson petals, the perfection of nature.

As if intoxicated by its smell

I began to feel drowsy

My eyelids became too heavy.

Just as I was drifting off

I swear I heard a murmur

From the rose within my grasp.

'My love' it said

'Sleep well

My Gypsy Princess'.

With those words

I fell into a deep sleep

With the perfect rose,

The symbol of his eternal love.