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Have you ever wondered if something was behind you like it was
stalking you. But when you looked back nothing was there or at least
you thought it wasn't. Well that is what happen to me after a demon
possessed me with a disease. After that happened, things changed.
It was like I was a walking nightmare. Skies overhead were dark for
me; I seemed to be a misfortune to others and myself. After that
day, rumors got out. Of course, none of this was true, but no one
knew the real secret... They almost made it worse than what it really
was. But yet, at that time, I didn't know things could get more
I was walking home from my ambitious work when I noticed a man in a
black cape he didn't look to shaggy but I knew he was up to no good. As
I walked past him I could see his face the rough texture of blood was
dripping from his teeth. I was distracted by a car when I turned back
to see him he was gone but he left something very valuable that I did
not realize was so important.
I stepped across the street to examine the small object. It
appeared to be an orb of some sort and it was glowing. I decided
upon that it was some sort of a charm or gem, even though the man
appeared suspicious enough. I figured it may have been stolen from
a local jewelry center, so decided that tomorrow evening after work
I would return the lost piece of stone. Strange enough as it was,
when I reached to pick it up, I had a very distinct image in my mind
of a black creature on my doorstep. I rolled my eyes at this thought,
but couldn't shake away the fear inside as I stuffed the orb thing in
my pocket. It felt warm. I made my way to my apartment.
When I entered my apartment I could sense danger all the lights
were on I felt someone behind me. As I walked into my bedroom a
gust of wind I turned around and the Black Cape man was grinning
I turned around to see the man he had a knife in his old ageless
hand. He looked at me and then tilted back his head like he was in
some sort of ritual the room suddenly got dark and i felt him behind
me but when i turned around the man was gone. I knew he was still
there because i still felt the cold wind.
I went out the next night not remembering about last night and went
to The Bronx with my friends and when we got there something
happened no one expected. The lights went out and on stage was a
hooded man with an axe in his hands he motioned something in the back
and 2 more hooded men closed the doors and locked them I was having
a flashback about last night in the apartment. A girl broke through the
window and started fighting the hooded men her friends broke through
the door and started to fight the other hooded men, everyone got out
as fast as they could the Master hooded man put a spell on them
except for me I blocked it with me necklace. He started speaking in
Greek and said some sort of spell I tried to move but it looked like he
wanted me to stay as locked down with awe… to be continued