This Is Me

Alone, I sit in silence, waiting,
Believing things will change one day,
Cuts upon my arms are bleeding,
Drawing all my pain away.

Everyone who loved me, left me,
Finally, the silence comes,
Greeting me as though it knows me,
Here I am, I've come undone.

Inside I am screaming, running,
Jumping over pools of hate,
Kicking down walls of self-loathing,
Lest more pain, I should create.

My soul in tatters, lies there broken,
New images flash by my mind,
Of fragments from the past so bitter,
Putting all of that behind.

Questions left remain unanswered,
Reality becomes unreal,
Sin and shame and guilt come closer,
Taunting me, so I can't heal.

Ugly, tainted, I am dying,
Violent thoughts invade my head,
Wondering how I accepted,
X-rated lines that I was fed.

You, my friend will never see,
Zero, nothing, this is me.

This is me.