A/N: Sorry I am blending some poems from my school when I was a freshman.... these are the cool ones I wrote for class.... some were inspired by the class but written at home so those might show up too.......... Aight R+R!

NOTE: This one was written at home... it's called What @#$!:) do In spare time... THe #%$# is supposed to say dummys...

I saw a ball
in the fall
it rolled on a heart
that fell apart
my mom cleaned it up
and put it in a cup
and my dad took a sip
and cut his lip
he went to the ER
where they gave him CPR
and he burped out a nail
as big as a whale
this whale was big
and wore a short hig
and it looked like my Aunts
who wear funky pants
that had stains
from when it rains
and I got wet
with my pet
my pet ran away
with my friend Jay
and he went on a date
with his girlfriend Kate
and she slapped him
and his car broke the rims
so he missed the shot
so now he uses a pot
to plant the flowers
while everyone takes showers
what does all this mean
It means I'm a bean

NOTE: This one is called The halls of school.... I wrote it when i walked into the empty hallway back to class from the bathroom.... The part in ( ) is the extended version.... it's more sad.... but the part with out ( ) is the real poem...

The halls of school durring class
is nothing but silence
I stand in the middle
nothing both ways
Just me and the empty hallway

(I feel alone trapped wanting to find someone
there's no one in any class
this reminds me of a dream
I was in a school all alone
I went outside no one around
nobody in the world but me
Yea, it's scary
yea, I cried
and it came true I'm all alone)

NOTE: This one was assigned we had to write a dialect poem.... here it is

"Honey please don't swing so high
I don't want you to die"
"(OK mom but it's ok
as long as I'm with my friend Ray"
"Oh son we have to go home
no go and grab your honey comb"

NOTE: KINGA I LOVE YA THANKS FOR GIVING ME THE IDEA TO WRITE THIS... I gave you credit for your quote girl.....

They started telling my lies
they said it with their firey eyes
but my friend I realize
that in their real eyes
they're telling me real lies
(Thanks Kino: Real Eyes, Realize, Real lies)

NOTE: These are opposites I had fun with in school....


Dark filled heart
eternity suffered
mad rege fills everywhere
obsessed with demonic laughter
nobody can save me
sick'em boys

AND Angel

Aren't you sick of those nasty Demons
Nobody likes them at all
go away you're too evil
evil will vanish because of us
leave now deamons of the world

NOTE: I hate this one it's an assigned one... I hate those... it's an Octet with an ABBA rhyme scheme...

don't you hate it when they say you're a geek
just because you don't act cool
and they take you as a fool
all yall wait till next week

I hate when they smack your cheek
and try and drown you in the pool
or threaten you with a tool
I sure hope I'm not a geek.

NOTE: The next 3 are stupid funnys

I was walking around with my friend
and I noticed I only had one shoe
and then we turned around a bend
and I stepped in some poo

My mother hates ties in a bow
you never should wear one near her
she saw one on my friend Joe
cause back in her days they never were

Never have a mouse
inside with a cat
or it'll mess up the whole house
and you'd have a dead rat

NOTE: It's not funny but hey

When dusk falls
kids stop their play
and they close all the shopping malls
when dusk falls it's the end of the day

NOTE: We had a thing called open mike where people shared poems out loud and we had to reveiw them and this is what I wrote after I finished my reveiw

An awkward silence crept the room
I can't hear any sounds at all
not even the dropping of a broom
not even a knock on the wall

everyone's writting something down
on their papers about what someone read
nobody moves around
until we need to sharpen our pencils lead...

NOTE: This one is an open mike story about FF 10 I wrote

Come with me to Zanarkand
I want to take you there
Come with me to Zanarkand
There's no one any where

The city was destroyed
Buildings all knocked down
The city was destroyed
there's nothing all around

Come with me to Zanarkand
the otherworld is near
Come with me to Zanarkand
I used to live here

NOTE: I wrote this for a video game my friends were gonna make until their scansoft co. Broke down...

A lost city has to fly
amongst a blood red sky
the monsters all began to sprout
and some even look like trout
the seeds of evil will spred
untill the boss is dead
and once some heros are born
the monsters will be no more...

NOTE:This is another open mike one...

I miss my home
I ran away
I think I've found my brother
I wish I woulda stayed

My half sister I remember
hated me alot
my family miss
cause half of them been shot

I'm alone and scared
I'm trapped in a room
I really want to leave this place
Home, I want to go Home

NOTE: This was written in school while I was in fact listening to Castles in the Sky by Ian Van Dahl

Where do we go when we die
do we just disapear
I beleive we go to the castles in the sky
so I never shed a tear....


Sees everything around him
His sense is strong
Isolated thoughts about his surroundings
Nobody messes with him
Opens his inner sense
Breathes the fire of his enemies blood
IN me, breathes the shinobi, The shinobi of the wind

After Note: Thats all thanks for reading R+R!