I wrote this after watching Tuck Everlasting. It was good movie, and hopefully this poem is a worthy tribute to Winny's and Jesse's love.

Timeless Love

I've been high and I've been low,

But there's nowhere I could ever go

To escape into a life with you

I've searched far and I've searched wide

But there's nowhere I could hide

To spend eternity with you

Can you give me forever in a grain of sand?

Can you promise me this love will never die?

Can you hold time in the palm of your hand?

Where can we go where life will pass us by?

The mirror shows me things I want to see

A chance for escape for you and me

But to what end?

Your essence is timeless,

But my beauty isn't ageless,

It will come to an end

You could give me forever in a grain of sand,

Your love will certainly never die,

You could hold time in the palm of your hand,

But life would still pass me by.

If I drink from your fountain,

We'll ascend that mountain,

And you can show me the world of love

But if forever is my sacrifice

I'm not sure I can pay the price

Oh, loveless time, or timeless love?

I can't save you from your pain,

There's nothing I can do.

And I can't dispel your immortal bane,

With this love so true.