Alive again beneath the rising moon,
No longer prisoner to demons of sorrow,
Myself again without dark poison in my veins,
Breathing again,
Not drowning in my tears,
Looking at a world from eyes unclouded,
Rejoicing in the midnight stars,
The evening breeze,
In freedom.
No longer transparent, invisible to the world,
Whole again, solid again, alive again,
Me again.
I glance up to see you smiling back at me,
Bitter pain lingering in your soft, dark eyes,
You watch me and I feel your remorse,
Your despair.
I realize you feel you failed me in your struggle to bring me back,
All you see is what you could have done,
Not what you did,
You don't see the soul made stronger by your fierce devotion,
Your eyes see only tears,
And scars.
Somehow you cannot see how you saved a life from being forever,
Frustrated at your seeming failures, you turn away,
Away from me,
Hot tears spill from your eyes as you walk away,
Away form me.
I call out to your retreating form, even though I know you no longer see.
You disappear from view, leaving me standing all alone beneath the
twinkling stars.
I gaze upon myself and see that I am slowly, slowly,
Ceasing to be.
Even as I watch, I disappear from existence,
Starting at the tips of my toes and moving slowly upwards,
I no longer feel whole,
Pieces of who I am are fleeing me,
My soul is escaping me,
Because you wished you could have done more for me,
When in reality you did more than you can ever imagine,
Because you believe you failed yourself,
When in reality you succeeded beyond your wildest dreams
The soul you saved is dying away as you blind yourself by what you refuse
to see,
Insisting the results of your gentle heart and overflowing sensitivity,
Stare you in the face,
Now, tomorrow, forever.
Listen to me, hear me,
Before I disappear.