A girl peered around a tree, cautious. Her light blond hair showed in the bright firelight easily, her pale skin, too, easily seen. She had to be careful, for within the burning woodland around her, silent as the night that was current, there was her Master, just waiting for her to slip up, waiting for her to show him where she was. Then he would capture her. Again.

The girl unconsciously fingered the pendant hanging around her neck on a chain. It was her only possesion in the world, aside from the torn and tattered gown she wore. It was special to her, despite the fact she knew not where it had come from. All she knew was that she'd had it all her life.

A flaming branch fell to the scorched forest floor behind her, and she shreaked, jumping away. That was a bad move. Almost a split second later, a pale faced, blue haired woman appears behind her, skin as pale as the beach sand on a moonlit night, her eyes a glowing red, like the glowing embers of a smouldering fire.

"There you are, you dreadful little wretch!" said the woman, as she reached out with a clawed hand and grabbed the younger, blond girl by the hair. The girl struggled, but to no avail, as the woman was much stronger than her.

"Ame, please, don't do this!" pleaded the girl, a sob in her voice.

"Shut up! Silence!" The woman now known as Ame made to kick the girl, but then her foot was caught in the grasp of an elegant hand.

"Don't waste your time, Ame. She will be punished badly enough once we return her to Lord Kohaku." said the owner of the hand, a beautiouse woman, her eyes being just as red as Ame's, her hair the color of roses, and curled. The faint smell of flowers hung in the air around her.

"Pansy..." the blond whispered in a doomed voice.

The red haired woman, Pansy, turned to the girl. "And now to deal with you...." She looked to the sky, her hands raising above her head. "Zrite!" A beam of dark energy shot from her hand, and above the burning canopy of the trees went it, and exploded in a shower of blues and blacks and whites. A signal.

A minute passed, seeming like an eternity to the girl, the doomed girl. Another mintute. Then finally, the fires seemed to pause, as if they were not sure of what to do, then they all flickered out.

A huge power enveloped the forest, causing darkness even greater than the night already, blocking out the moon, the stars. A faint wind blew, stirring up the ashes, but also carrying the scent of a powerful man.

"You have found her..." came a smooth, deep voice from the shadows. A rustle, and out stepped a man. His hair was a soft shade of green, his skin pale, like all the others, his eyes the same bright, fiery red. He was clad in leather armor, a sheathed sword hanging at his side.

He stepped over a charred log, his black leather boots making no sounds. Then strode over to the three. The two women bowed deeply, but wen the girl didn't, the man delivered a swift blow to her stomach, forcing her to her hands and knees. "Down, bitch..." he said with a snicker.

Then to the two women, he said: "Bind her, then leave my sight."

The two acted immediantly. They straightened themselves, then turned to the girl. Ame slammed her foot down on the girl's back, causing her to collapse completely to the ground, while Pansy snatched her hands, held them behind her back and tied them with strong vines. Then they both bowed and left swiftly, as the man had commanded.

The girl started to struggle to her knees, but then the man kicked her hand in the chest, sending her flying back, and slamming against a tree, which shook with the impact. She was now half sitting against the tree, wincing with every shallow breath.

"Stay down." said the man, a smirk playing across his smooth face. Then the smirk was replaced by a frown. "I am sick and tired of you running, you stupid little half-breed! This is your last chance. What will you do?" He was now knealing infront of her, so as to be able to hear her reply.

A minute passed before she was able to answer, but when she did, it was to be her last words ever. And so she said them: "Fuck you!", and she spat in his face.

He jumped up, his hand wiping off the spit. he unsheithed his sword. "Then die, Nanaka." and off came her head with a clean cut from his sword.

Vampire: Nanaka, Prolouge: Burning death