...And she collapsed to the ground, a small dagger sticking from her chest.

"I thought I killed you, wench! Why don't you just stay dead?!" Kohaku was over her in a second, mad. He made to slam his fist down upon her, when vines suddenly whipped across his wrist, and he was then pulled away.

"Leave 'er alone, yeh beast!" shouted Hakai, who was yanking on the other end of the vines. "HRN!" He pulled the vines with mighty strength, and Kohaku was sent flying overhead and into a wall. But just as he was about to slam into it, Kohaku twisted and bounced right off it, flipping through the air, and landing right infront of Hakai.

"You, bastard, DARE to interfere with my killing of that whelp?!" He tore the vines from his wrist with relative ease. "Then.... you shall die with her!" He stepped over quickly and swipped his long, sharp claws at Hakai's neck, but missed by the width of a hair. Hakai took the chance to plunge his own, not as sharp, claws into his opponent's stomach, a sizzling sound coming as poison ate away the skin like acid.

"ARGH!" Kohaku's eyes were wide, full of pain. He collapsed to his knees as Hakai removed his claws.

"Vampire, yeh disgust me." He wiped his bloody hand off on the tattered cloth of his breeches. "And so does yer blood." He looked down at the suffering vampire, and upon his neck he saw the glitter of a thin chain, and attatched to it, a gold pendant. He snatched it. Then delivered a blow of the foot to the vampire, sending him rolling across the ground, coming to a stop against the wall, sprawled out on the ground, exposing his acid-eaten stomach.

"Nnnn...." Nanaka was slowly pulling the blade from her breast, in terrible pain as she did so. Clang! The blade hit the ground, splashing blood in the area surrounding it, more blood pouring out of the girl's chest.

Hakai turned and walked to her, and crouched down next to her. "C'mon... Ge' up... We 'ave to ge' out of here..." He dangled the pendant infront of her. "See? We got it! Now, pliease, ge' up!"

She looked up from her paon, looked from Hakai to the pendant, and a small, pained smile came across her face. Once she had something else to concentrate on, the pendant, her wound started to close of its on accord.

"'Ere," Hakai put the small chain of the pendant around her neck after helping her to sit up. "Now le's get goin'!" He stood and tried to pull her up to her feet, but she simply just collapsed right back onto the ground, maybe from being weak after that wound. He sighed, bent over and picked her up in his arms, walked over to window, and just jumped right out.

Vampire: Nanaka, chapter four: Pendant gotten