the wal mart guy

wal-mart is the least place i would like to be

with all those weird people

it's just too much for me

so i grint my teeth

and sqeeze my fists tight

and go with courage

as i pass the bud light

it's time to check out now

oh that long dreadful line

but as my eyes pass by

i see something so fine

i become very nervous

what am i to do?

just act natural

soon this'll be through

my palms are sweating

my heart a million beats a second

maybe i should confront this

as my mind begins to beckon

oh my gosh here we go

the people in front are already through

i hide behind a magizine

as i hear the words " may i help you?"

i say yes but my head shakes no

or so it feels

my knees are shaking

i should'nt have worn these heels

with every beep

of the items he passes though

i just want to scream out

"hey walmart guy! i love you!"

he even folds my clothes neatly

as he places them in the bag

but he can tell im nervous

it's so embarrasing, its sad

it's all over now

and my total is 10.55

he counts my change back

and his hand touches mine

but wait!

does this wal mart guy have a name?!

is this the kind of guy that eventually i can claim?

as i begin to leave

I discretely look behind my back

and his nametag reads

"my name is zach"

but then he speaks again

i hear his voice as i walk away

"hey you forgot your bag

and have a nice day"

...and i believe i will.