Free by A. P antalone
I was tossed aside like a dirty rag.
You used me and left me,
Until you needed me again.
Scorned for making my own choices.
I don't want you to hurt me anymore!
Please stay away from me!
In my thoughts and prayers all I want
Is to get away from you.
From your anger; from my pain.
Yet my soul cries out for you.
My mind told me it was worth the pain because
When you saw me crying, for a split second, your eyes lost their harshness.
You held me and,
For a moment, I thought you loved me.
Then you changed back to the mindless destroyer.
I begged you to stop!
'Please, no! I'm sorry! Please! Don't!'
You hit me anyway.
But you did me a favour.
I am free now, free from the mortal sins of hate and lust.
Free from consciousness and all the pain it brought me.