It was pouring out, and all of his servants were off on holiday. But this didn't stop Rupert from answering the door. He was wearing midevil fashion clothes, and was dressed like the prince he was. He opened the door to see a girl with long, light brown hair. She was sporting a tall, pink hall, with a pink ribbon falling down as a tassel from its peak. She also wore long, pink gown, like princesses wore.

Girl- Hi. I'm here about your call?

Rupert- Call? Oh, yes, the call. Come on in.

Girl- *throws a shifty gaze around the front entrance* No, no, that's okay.

Rupert- Oh, but I insist! *scoops her up in his arms and carries her up the sweeping staircase to his bedchamber*

Enter the bedroom - there is, obviously, a bed. Behind the headboard of the queen sized down bed, with quilted covers, there is a tapestry, depicting a coat of armor with two lions in two of the corners, and two knights in armor in the other two. Above the coat of arms this word is emblazoned: Lionsyouth. The walls and floors are stone. There is a mirror and a sliding door closet. There is also a nightstand with a lamp and a white, gold- encrusted diary and a Japanese writing pen.

Rupert- *enters quickly, and drops the young lady on the bed*

Girl- Oof!

Rupert- So, Princess, tell me, from which kingdom do you hail?

Girl- Huh?

Rupert- Your clothing is divine, thus you must be well off. Tell me, my princess, have you ever seen a dragon?

Girl- Your princess? Dragon? What are you talking about?

Rupert- Your kingdom, Princess, is it plagued? With perhaps some ghastly disease?

Girl- Umm, our basement has termites.

Rupert- How terrible! So, tell me, shall I, the brave and noble Prince, gallantly rush off on my trusty steed to rid your land of these pests?

Girl- Umm, that's okay, we've got some exterminators coming tomorrow morning.

Rupert- Bless their souls! So tell me, Princess, when shall we elope?

Girl- E- Elope?

Rupert- Why of course, Princess, you don't think our parents will consent to our being wed, do you?

Girl- Not this young, no.

Rupert- *agreeing* I concur. So, therefore, you, my Juliet, and I, your Romeo, will rush off to some foreign land to be wed.

Girl- How foreign?

Rupert- *flatly* Sweden.

Girl- Ah.

Rupert- We must elope quickly, possibly tomorrow night-

Girl- T- Tomorrow night?

Rupert- Yes, tomorrow night, and I think it would be best if you wore white for the wedding. Black always dampens the mood. I do assume that you'll accept my hand in marriage, but-

Girl- *looks stunned* Marriage?

Rupert- Yes, of course, my dear Princess. Now, let me see. We'll need to have at least five children-

Girl- *visibly pales* Ch-Children??

Rupert- -So that at least one of them shall grow to be heir. Now, when we become King and Queen of Sweden, I expect that at our coronation-

Girl- Whoa whoa whoa! Slow down there, buddy! I don't know what you're talking about. Sweden!? Marriage!? Coronation!? I don't even know what that last word means!

Rupert- *simply* It means when they crown us the King and Queen of their land, my dear Princess.

Girl- Well, forget it, bub, 'cause I ain't no princess. I'm the Pizza Girl, here to deliver your pizza.

Rupert- *knits his eyebrows together* Dressed like that?

Girl- It's Halloween! I'm supposed to dress up.

Rupert- But aren't you my Princess?

Girl- Nope, sorry. My name is Melissa Liggins, and you owe me $8.95.

Rupert- Sigh, alright then. I suppose they made a mistake. You didn't look Greek, anyhow.

Melissa- Greek!?

Rupert- I was ordering a Greek bride off the Internet. I paid a thousand dollars for her, too.

Melissa- Freak. Anyway, just give me my money, and be sure to leave a big tip. From what I've seen, you can afford it.

Rupert- *sighs again* Yes, yes, I suppose so. I'll give you $10.95 for all your trouble, how does that sound?

Melissa- Cheap.

Rupert- Well, whatever, that's all that you're getting from me. Now scram.

Melissa- Okay, prince-o. See ya. *saunters on out the front door*

Rupert- Sigh. *closes the front door softly behind her* She really was a beauty, too.


Rupert- Huh? Who is it?

Rupert opened the door to reveal a beautiful, knock-out blonde wearing a Domino's Pizza t-shirt and light blue bellbottom jeans. She looks at him with her beautiful eyes, one light blue, one light green.

Blonde- Princess delivery service! I'm Alysa Spartanian here, and I'm your princess!

Rupert- *sighs with depression, then says rather abruptly:* Melissa knock that off. I already gave you your tip. Now accept it and buh-bye. *closes the door*

Alysa- Huh?! *looks hurt and confused* But it's Halloween. I thought he'd like me dressing up as a pizza delivery girl. Awww.. And I came all the way from Sparta, too. *as an afterthought* Daddy's not gonna like this.