All I can hear
Is the thunder
Of my heart,
As I press my back
As close to the wall
As I can.
I'm scared...
If I'm seen,
I'm done.

A lonely drop
Of sweat
Trickles down
My face,
Making me
More uncomfortable.
My heart thunders louder
In my ears.
I'm sure my enemy
Can hear it by now.

I shuffle closer
To the wooden door,
Being so cautious
Not to creak the
Old floor boards
Underneath my boots.

The short, near silent
Breaths I take
Are deafened out
By the thunder.
My hand grips
My weapon harder,
And I pull it closer
To my chest.

I'm still scared...
My temple thumps me
Like a hammer.

The command crackles
In my earpiece,
Suddenly making
My heartbeat
Sound like a whimper.

I push off the wall
And stamp down
That brittle door.
It shatters into
Bits and pieces.
My rifle sight
Comes to the hole
in my ski mask,
Letting me look down
The sight.

Get down! Get down!'
I scream manically
As my colleagues
Follow my suit,
Pressing their guns
To their shoulders,
Scanning the room.

The smartly dressed
Men inside the room
Wear expressions
Of shock,
Shifting their
Dark sunglasses.
All of them
Are wearing shades
And white suits,
Typical of mafia.
but they also have
Uzis in their hands.

One overcomes their fear
And tries to raise his gun.
I spot it.
I take aim.
And shoot
His hand,
And make him drop it.

Guess no one else
Is trying that move.
With the thundering
Still loud
In my Ears
My team flank them,
and Arrest them.

Game Over boys.

Just another day
As SWAT captain.
As a 'cool, calm
And Sauvé' Captain.

Yeah, right.