What's this feeling that's taking over me?
Shouldn't I be feeling happy with you?
But instead, some other emotion is filling my heart.
A feeling that is making me feel down and blue.

Why is my heart not with you anymore?
I thought I loved you, but now I know I'm wrong.
Last night, when I was in the bar with friends,
I saw her, the girl from my love song...
She had fair hair, and a beautiful smile,
One that reached for at least a mile.
And when my eyes met her green eyes,
I knew I could tell her no lies.

As I walked to her, she never too her eyes off mine.
As I drew closer, m heart went stronger and stronger.
I knew then, that I had to make her my wife,
'The One', I had to search for her was no longer.

As time went past, we grew closer and closer.
And I have to admit, I never even thought of you.
I'm afraid after I met this girl, we must break up,
Even though when we first met, I thought it was true.
But alas, it isn't, and now this one is the one for me.
I never wanted it to end this way, I'm sure you would agree.
But my heart won't let this one pass me by
So with a heavy heart, I have to say goodbye.

Forgive my heart.

It never meant to hurt you..