Somewhere in space: We departed from Mars about twenty-four hours ago. We should arrive on the planet Earth within the next hour.

Somewhere in space beside the previous speaker: Excellent! Our task at hand is growing nearer to the present. Within mere hours, Earth and all the beings that inhabit it will be at our command. With the resources that reside on Earth, we can spread our force to Venus. We are one step closer to ruling the entire cosmos.

Sometime Later in the future not long after the previous:

News Station somewhere: Hello? Can you hear me earth reporter? What is happening?

Earth reporter: I can hardy hear you through the noise of the crowd. Apparently, some sort of meteor has landed on this farm. The town is here to watch this historic event.

News Station Somewhere: What is this "town" you described? Is it important?

Earth Reporter: What? I can't hear you. The static is too loud.

Back in the ship: Shall we open fire. "Yes, it's time. Send out the heat ray. It will take some time to build enough force so begin it now!"

Back in the ship next to the previous speaker: Yes sir.

Earth reporter: Something is exiting the meteor! I can hardly believe my eyes! Is that a. Oh my gosh! It's incredible! !

Town Folk: It looks like a giant gun of some sort. Or a camera!!! Why is it pointing at us? Maybe the meteor wants to remember us. Say cheese!!!

1.2.3: Ahhhhhhhhh

Back in the ship: We have hit them with full force.

Leader alien thing in ship: "Wonderful. Let's spread out. Send for reinforcements. I doubt that their army will be a match for ours, but it will make our invasion go much faster."

Back in ship again: Yes sir. They will arrive in about two Earth days.

Leader thingy again: "Thank you. Please make sure that they bring the attack robots. That way we will lower the risk of losing soldiers."

Other alien: Yes sir.

Leader: "Excellent! He.he.he*cough* Excellent!"

New York

Earth Reporter somewhere else cuz the other guy got zapped to oblivion: The Martians have hit us with everything they've got. I don't know how much longer we've got.

Martians (oh they're Martians, now I get it): "The Earth people are nearly gone. After attacking with the robots and hitting them with toxic gasses, the job is nearly complete." Sir, the sensors indicate no sign of any danger to us on this planet so I believe that it is safe to exit the ships.

Dumb alien leader: "Alright. Send out the order."

Martian: Yes sir.

Earth reporter: I can't believe it. I seem to be the only one left on this planet because of these beasts, yet they seem to have fallen to Earth's bacteria. It's finally over. Why in the hell am I reporting if the whole friggin world is dead? Why am I talking to myself? Hello? Take me now God. Take me now!!!!!! Oh, A snicker bar. There is a Heaven!!!!!