My hands are dirty
My life is shaken
I am not where I am supposed to be
Looking at what I was not meant to see
I feel I do not know You anymore
So forsaken in my world
Tell me Your name so I can meet you
Somewhere beyond the stars
You are a mysterious one
If not even the moon can tell me
I know I have to go back to my life again
But I do not have that trail of stones
To mark the way I traveled
I used those rocks to throw them at the mirrors
So unhappy with myself
Seventy seven years is all the bad luck I need
When my compass will not even turn to You
It points at north no more
It points at heaven no more

I know everything I have done
To get myself lost out here
Are You going to forgive me?
Or is the price too high
Guide me back from my woods
I have lost too many chances
Chasing after false promises
Gather me back
Gather me whole
Bring me back to myself
The one I used to know
I have fallen too hard
Gather me up
Me, the misspent soul
I need life to live again
Just as I need death to die
I hate the way I have gotten here
One thing is on my mind only
Do You still love me?

Your little runaway
Thought she could conquer the world
At only seventeen
Trying to start her life independent
But she needed You
She did not understand
The concept of a free spirit who obeys
She ran away from love
And all she found was hate
All she found were thorns
That tore her to pieces
When I come home
Will You greet me at the door?
Will You take me into Your arms again?
I cannot help wondering that I have used all my chances
Selfishly squandered on trifles of things
I cannot help wondering if You still love me?
Even through all the things I've done?
I guess I'll only find out if I come home.