No dedication
The many pages blank
Filled with wordless pages
Wishing for writing
But it won't come
That's how I feel
Wishing to have good times
Times to remember
Times to savor
But that's impossible now
I can't help it
I'm sorry
Forgive me
I blamed you for it
I shouldn't have done it
I killed him
While he slept
I don't think you knew that
But I'm so sorry
He bothered me so much
You were too good for him
Why did I blame you?
It wasn't you at all
But you were found
With his limp body
Lying in the blood spilt from the knife
Slashed opened is his skin
Bleeding are his veins
Out in the open
Out came the pain
He died so slowly
Agonizing to watch
I couldn't hold back
But slashed all the more
It wouldn't have stopped
He wouldn't have lived
I had to keep going
Or I couldn't live
It was pretty much pointless
Now if you think
But at that one moment
He had to die
If only he would have
Died only faster
Then I would have
Told you here-after
But that time has come
And that time as gone
So you sit in your cell
Wondering where
Your lover has gone
He never treated you well
From beginning to end
I had to make it stop
No matter what the cost
I hated him since day one
I trusted him with you
But that was stupid
A careless thing
He wasn't good enough for you
He cared too little
You cared too much
Never will you two dine together
He wasn't worth it
The pain he gave you
So I gave him pain
From my love for you
Yes that is true
I loved you the long
This aching time
I spent wanting you
Wanting you the more
The more and more
Never to stop
I needed him gone
I'm sorry I did this
It's horrid and true
But I couldn't ever let him
Do this to you
He was plotting your death
Tragic and true
He would have don't it
If it weren't for I
I stopped him too early
And blamed it on you
I feel so stupid
For doing this
It's true
I should have told him
That you had moved on
And made him leave on his own
But I don't think
That that would have worked
For he would have come back
And killed you and smirked
I laughed at him dying
Horrid and true
But I couldn't ever
Let him do that to you
That is my tale
Horrid and true
But he would never
Do that to you
Too bad that I would
Which is where this story ends
With the death of the reader
It really depends
Do die or to live
To kill or to serve
The end is now here
So sorry
But I must go
Goodbye my friend
But be prepared
Don't walk down dark alleys
I'll be waiting
For you