The Duel, or No One Wins

There are mountains, tall mountains, plateaus too, in the distance, and they look strong and impermiable. Yes, they seem infallible, though they are only glorified rocks. Maybe it was just the way that this orange sun was setting behind them, lighting the sky on fire, or maybe it was te way the peaks of the summits seemed only inches from the whispy clouds, like the tails of wild stallion, but the heavens seemed to come down and touch the earth just then.
The sandy, dusty ground was almost barren beneath my feet and all around, with nothing bust a few fruitless bushes around to give this red earth substance. Bits of dirt clung to my canvas shoes and the ends of my pants, making them look used and comfortable. And as the wind picked up loose strands of my hair, blowing it around like it had no matter, everything seemed peaceful and right.
It's amazing how beautiful the world looks before you're about to die.
My opponent looked me up and down from the tips of my dirty shoes to the top of my tired head, and the expression on his face said that I was utterly disgusting to behold. It did not phase me in the least. With some unspoken word between us, we simultaniously raised out blades in both a defensive and offensive manner. As though it was slow motion, I saw his foot move forward and this was it. I charged at him, he charged at me, and by his gasp and a look of defiant surprise that now betrayed his once-calm exterior, I knew I had stuck him fatally. He fell to the dirt, red blood spilling on the red earth. The sun caught it and it looked like a mass of viscous gems flooding away from his veins.
For a moment, I was awestruck; he had lost, I had won, and that was that, but - oh. A sticky substance tickled my flesh as it trickled, then streamed, from a previously overlooked wound. It didn't hurt, but it felt strange and empty, this space in my side, and my knees buckled beneath me as a seemingly unfounded weakness swept me from tp to bottom. My fair in the dust, hands gripping fistfulls of dust, my eyes took in the sky as it darkened, and the last thing I beheld was the flaming heavens as the mountains reach out to touch the clouds like horse tails in the air.
It's amazing how beautiful the world looks before you're about to die.