Today I waited for my soul mate; I thought we'd made it
Left the rest to fate, I guess I was ill fated
The love we had created seemed to have suddenly dissipated
All the words she said that made me feel elated seem so deflated
I hate it, it hurts, my heavy heart unearthed by the words she dictated
I can't equate it with anything related, my emotions desecrated
Overrated how love is supposed to conquer all when it leaves everything
Silver-plated, but underneath it lies waiting to take something great and
abate it
And the advice given: to fuck all their shit and keep living. Trust me I
I'd never give into vice that's why when I keep giving, all I get back are
To live without you by my side I think I'd rather die
But I'm a man so I won't give into suicide or cry
I don't know how you can say you love me then leave
And suddenly I feel so hurt I don't even know what to believe
We were young, careless, and free; wearing our hearts on our sleeves
I don't know what the situation is and I know you don't have time for me
You got to support your family, but I won't let you leave without letting
you see
Your love is worth the fight; your arms hold the key to what could be
My only fault was loving you to much because I thought we were meant to be