Out in time

The last one out
The door slamming on my heels
The thrashing pain
The bleeding peels away
There is nothing left now
But we all got out in time
The walls are crashing down
Around empty ears
We are too far away to be coated in debris
To far gone to hear the things it said to we
Lucky ones with freedom flung around our necks
Dragging the world through chaos
While we stagger in our best
The brightest minds have been harvested
The machines awhirl with light
But if they stop and look around
Turn those minds to good
Those walls would stand a thousand years
But even if they could
We'd tare them down

I was the last one out
Freedom ringing in my mouth
As I shout the glories of this land
The horrors burnt from my eyes
Children cries shield from my ears
The world in tears as we celebrate our great escape
Pulling out before too late
Clearing ground to navigate the chaos we created
And never placated
This world has died too soon
And all we loved is trapped beneath the rubble
Beneath the lies
Beneath the very words we lay
Like brick roads to lead astray
While promising the hearts desires
So dire are the consequences
Our actions premature
Our words hollow
Echoing now to haunt me as the shock wear away
I was the last one out
Now I look back for the one behind me
Down beneath the rubble
When the lies fell down to crush
I was forced out in the rush and now I am lost