I don't know why,
But I'll do anything for you.
All you need to do is ask,
And your wish is forever my command.
MY heart just wants to make you happy,
No matter what it takes,
No matter what it costs.

I know that you think I shouldn't,
And I know that you think it's silly,
But I I'll keep doing anything for you.
Because I want to make you happy,
Like no one can ever make you.
It's just something I want to do.
It's the only thing I ever want to do.

To me, you are everything.
To me, you can do no wrong to me.
Even though we had our ups and downs,
You still make me happy like no other can.
Your set my heart on fire,
And you're the reason that smiles on my face.
...You're the reason my heart beats.

I know what you're thinking right now.
You think that you're causing me heart-ache,
Because these are the words of a lover.
But, these are also words of a friend like no other.
These are the words that come from my heart.
These are the words to my angel, the one I treasure.

Don't think I'm trying to win your heart,
As I know it's the property of another,
This I know and I accepted a long time ago,
But it doesn't mean I have to stop treasuring you.
What we have, no other two have in this world.
The bond between us is beyond love,
Yet strangely less than a relationship.

It's so hard for others to comprehend,
Because there was heartache before,
But we both know there is no more.
I just want to make you happy,
Because it makes me happy
To see you happy.

[Written to my Angel, Susanita.... From the bottom of my heart, I hope you understand the emotions pouring out xx]