And now I'm begging you.
Humour me, lie to me. I don't care.
Pretend that you love me.
Fake all your emotions,
I don't care.
All I need is you.

I have to satisfy all this love in me.
This love in me... For you, only you.
No one else can satisfy my desire.
No one else can quench my fire.
I don't care if you don't really love me,
I don't need to know the truth.
All I need is you.

I've tried to deal with it.
I've tried to divert these feelings to another,
Another that may or may not love me for real.
But, it's not happening.
All I can think about is you, you, you.
All I need is you.

So please, won't you lie to me?
Won't you have a go at acting?
Can't you pretend to love?
It's my life at stake here,
And all you need to do to save me
Is to try.
All I need is...