A/N: OK this poem is kinda freaky... it's about me in summer camp 2 years ago... (daytime summmer camp).... we went to a pool and there was a guy who was staring at me and my friends from behind the fence... he looked like sephiroth from FF7 but different... But he followed me to 2 other places... none of my other friends saw him.... it was scary... one day one of my friends saw him too... only one other person.... well here it gos

dressed in a tux
I see a man
a shirt and tie
with a jacket
a white haired guy
do you see him?
he looks young
like in his 20's
he's holding a suitcase
he's staring at me
do you see him?
I've seen him before
"What do you want from me?"
I decided to yell one time
he follows me
but no one an see him
he walks like a normal person
but his hair flys
he looks like Sephiroth
but his face doesn't match
who is he?
I've never known
but no one else sees him
am I insane?
I don't think so
there he is again
do you see him?
No? he's right in front of you
he follows me and stares
you see him?
come on
one beleiver is not enough
who is he?
you've seen him before too?
he follows you?
who is he?
those questions confuse me to
do you see him?
At that point When I asked my friend that I turned around and he was running strait for me and disappeared... and I never saw him again...