A/N: This is a poem about a stupid kid at my school who isannoying as hell...

This poem is about Chris Remington
that weird kid who's rude
I mean come on man
"Like seriously dude"

he says the same phrases
over and over it seems
but no one ever understands
what any of it means

he talks about Jessica Simpson
and how she's "SO HOT"
but every one knows
he has sexual dreams about her a lot

we don't know why he is
exactly the way he is
but his mind is like a soda
it constantly has that fizz

he is so stupid
he acts really dumb
I wouldn't be suprised
if he wrote a poem about his thumb

he comes up with all these
stupid little ryhmes
like what would he ryhme with that?
I dunno maybe limes

he annoys everybody
expecially my friend Scott
he gets on the bus and sits by him
in exactly the same spot

he reads his poems to everyone
and some of them are crazy
he told us he wrote these poems
when he was feeling lazy

he sounds retarded enough
just when you hear him speak
no wonder everyone thinks
Chris Remington's a freak

So if you read or heard this poem
you see that I am true
I swear it's all real
I wouldn't lie to you

After note: By the way the kid who this poem is about.... wanted me to write this to see how much better my diss poems were compared to his.... more people liked this one.... yeah he's a stupid kid who just hangs around us who thinks he is the bomb even though he acts stupid...