Edge of the Earth

Death decided to visit today,

He hates to see me happy,

Each visit concludes unchanged.

For Past sits silently reminding

I was a phantasm once.

I hid behind that which made marionettes envious,

Masks made me

Decay of the human soul

Took but a tick of time before

My eloquent ending

Presented itself in penned perfection.

And I touched the edge of the earth,

Touched and twisted and turned.

Death was disappointed.

Hell was disjointed.

For I had envisioned the end

A prose, a poem, a pulchritudinous song,

A blissful banishment into Nevermore

But not so.

The grazing hand of Hell graced

My cheek, burning.

And the depths of darkness spit

Me out, alive again.

Consciousness was captivating

Envisioned was an eclipse of eternity.


Is an art, like everything else.

You never paint a perfect piece until you try.