Oh, I think of all the hatred that you missed
The anti-Americans getting humiliated!
I walk to the bar
The bouncer claims Come right in
I give him the dollar tip
He says Welcome to HATE NATION
A nod to the conservatives
A quick stride to the gum machine
A quarter in the slot
The gum rolls out shaped like a bomb
There's gizmos, gadgets, everything
To make me soar with contempt
Every vile and proper tool
That will reconcile my fears
I pop into the bar
Ask for something that will make me go
I turn to the white supremacist
And make a crack about the Negroes.
I marvel all my brothers around
Beating up the Arabs
Spitting on their robs
And pissing in their turbans
I stride toward the Frenchie
Sitting in a corner, helplessly forlorn
Looked by my fellow haters
I exclaim
It takes a pacifist dastard not to fight
Says he
You're just like the Nazis
You're just bred in groups
Hating everyone else
To feign your fear with spite
Disgusted, I blurt
We saved you from the Crouts!
-At least I'm not afraid of foreigners
I don't hate them because they're different
The only way to allay your fears
Of terrorist attacks
Is to stop playing roles in their affairs
I retort:
They need liberation
Not withdrawal on our part
You, closed minded liberal
It's our Manifest Destiny for the world
That'll end the Hate Nation