Samantha's Fortune

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Have you ever had someone walk up to you and say that you had just inheirited a vast fortune from a relative that you haven't seen in so many years?

Well,that's exactly what happened to a Staci Keanan type beauty named Samantha Grayson on the Sixth day of June,when she was working at a video arcade within the Midway Mall in Elyria,Ohio and an attorney for her grandmother,Ellenor Cartwright has entered the arcade and told her that Ellenor had died and left all of her vast fortune to her favorite granddaughter,Samantha.

After she had heard that,her eyes had grown wide with shock,for she hasn't seen her beloved grandmother in over four years,even though she still loved her with all of her heart.

Anyway,after the funeral,Samantha has been driven via limousine to the Cartwright estate,where she was able to learn that her grandmother was more than just a wealthy widow.

Ellenor was also the CEO in charge of a corperation known as Ellenor's Desires and has quite a collection of vintage motorcycles within her massive garage--and after she had layed her eyes upon one particular Harley Davidson model and let out a small smile,she decided to take the Harley out for a little spin.

After she had roared out of the garage and zoomed down the streeet at least several blocks away from the estate,a very happy Samantha had realized one important thing:She had found heaven.