I remember how you held me,
Our bodies pressed together.
I remember the warmth which flowed,
The way you held me close.

I remember how you wiped away my hair,
And gently pushed your lips to mine,
How your hands laid upon my back,
My arms around your neck.

I remember how we sat on the grass,
Your hands around my waist,
How my legs had patterns from the green,
How you kissed my hand.

I remember what we talked about,
Your mum and your dad,
I remember I wanted to let you know,
I'm always here for you.

I remember how you kissed my neck,
I remember what you wore,
I remember your scent,
I remember your hand in mine.

I remember wanting it to last,
But then that day came,
Why does depression have to affect,
What we feel for each other?

I remember the way we said goodbye,
Unknown it would be the last,
I remember the way you smiled,
I remember everything, I want to forget.

By Siobhan
Date: 11/April/2004