It can haunt your mind,
Your soul and heart.
But no matter how you say you care,
I won't believe it.
No matter how many times
You kiss my lips,
Or hold me tight.
My mind waders to the past,
Don't touch me,
Don't breathe on me.
Don't talk to me,
And please to god,
Don't love me.

The past affects what you see,
How you see it,
And what you're willing to see,
Hear or touch.
It hurts,
Makes you bleed,
Inside and out.
Rips you apart,
It echoes and sings,
Every note stabs you.
Every note causes pain.

But you are here,
My past hurts,
But you won't.
You say you love me,
I'll let it be.
Even if I cannot ever love you back.
Even if it still hurts.
I must realize,
Know that you are not him.
You never hurt me.
You are you.
Maybe I can love once again.

By Siobhan
Date: 6/June/2004