It happened on a road between Logan and Mansfield
Looking at the future through a 4runner windshield
A riff from Jimi Hendrix blaring out the windows
The dead last trace of fear now playing in the shadows

That familiar love of life was flowing through my veins
The wind is blowing in the west, breaking the old chains
This is where I came from, where I started long ago
Never thought this thing would end, but now I'm coming home

Romance is for idiots, and lovin' is for fools
Hating is for crazy poets who make their own rules
I've lost my luck a little with way too much at stake
I bend and I bleed sometimes but I'm too young to break

The back alleys I've taken, all the things I've done wrong
Heartache in a smart alleck never lasted too long
It's good to find a little love and satisfaction
I'm here, I'm home, and it's good to be back in action.