Shou Lang and Salem both took a vow never to kill again. Salem took the heir to the dojo house and resumed teaching defense classes for any humans that wanted to learn. Kithara continued her temple for the ill and no longer considered Shou Lang as her "Darling." The Kettles filed a missing report on San but no one could find her. Eventually they gave up looking and adopted another unfortunate child which later led to their arrest for child abuse and sexual child abuse three months later. Ms. James was found shortly after San and the others left her. She is buried at a nearby cemetery at the park.

As for San, Tora, and Chip... they lived the remainder of their lives in blissful happiness with the dojo members, Master Urdu, Salem and Shou Lang. (San finally found out that Shou Lang was the Mysterious sound-maker.) Shou Lang and Salem are now the best of friends and still to this day stay at Master Urdu's dojo. Nitro finally found peace with himself and died a couple of years later from when Shou Lang went to live permanently at the dojo.

Although San, Tora, and Chip eventually died of old age Shou Lang, Salem and Urdu still continue to live happily in the dojo and with all of the other humans that come generation after generation to learn martial arts. Shou Lang never did seem to care about anyone else quite as much as he did for Tora, Chip, and San after their deaths, but he still has many human friends and pupils that he cares for. (Shou Lang never loved another woman after San's death)

Peace was finally achieved and now both dimensions can finally be safe from any evil. We can all thank our newfound peace to our many heroes and heroines. Thank you!