Now or never, right now and right here,
Build up the courage, face the fear
'What ifs' and 'who knows' littering my brain,
It all is enough to make you go insane
The wait, the miserable anticipation,
My heart awaiting its emancipation
Free from secrets, hidden dreams,
The moment is right, or so it seems
Unable to wait, I am very nervous,
But I feel confident, so sure of this
Delays, delays, an hour seems forever,
Now or never, now or never
When now comes, I stutter, stutter,
Our eyes meet; my heart's set a-flutter
The answer doesn't come for a day or so,
But when it finally does, it's the simple word 'no'
Followed by kindness, benevolence so true,
The answer is sad, yet I don't feel blue.
I'm happy, overjoyed you were honest with me,
And not cruel towards my unfaltering dream