She's run away in the absence of light,
Into the darkness, to the welcoming night.
She's running still; into the black.
Not a single tear, no thought to turn back.
Stealing away, slipping from their lives,
She doesn't want to listen any longer to their lies.
She stops for a breath, hears footsteps and hides
How in Gods name does she plan to survive?
Hunted and haunted she cries to herself
In a place like this there is nobody to help.
She's finally cut free and out on the loose,
At first she was smiling, now tying a noose
Sorry for leaving but had to run,
Now tired and empty, freedom lost its fun.
Cold, hurt and crying. Poor and beaten bad.
She longs for the people and things that she had.
Climbing down from the tree, With a tear all can see
she wonders what's next, what's out there for me?
Who to turn to, and where do I go?
There's nobody to trust nobody who could know.
Looking up at the tree with its rope hanging down,
She starts again to cry and turns right around.
She's running again from memories of her life,
Her souls being torn and heart cut as if with a knife
With trembling hands she covers her eyes,
This wouldn't have happened if they didn't tell lies.