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"Well my fluffy companion either you are lucky or stumbling upon other life forms is merely coincidental and was bound to happen due to the laws of probability." He peered through branches and looked at the small cottage and wondered if friend or foe awaited inside. "In any case I don't suppose we would benefit from letting them know we are royalty… that I am royalty anyway."

He stowed the mouse in his sack and headed toward the cottage. He stepped firmly on the grass hoping to alert its inhabitants of his arrival. He did not wish to surprise them for that was unmannerly and would put their guard up against him.

Sure enough an old man stepped out his door to greet his approaching guest. The prince gulped and whispered down into his satchel. "Well for better or worse it seems our adventure is finally about to begin."

"Good day yon traveler. Come sit with my wife and I, and regale us with your travels." The Prince gave an awkward bow at the old man's greeting, he was not used to having to bow to anyone.

"I gladly welcome your offer to rest my weary frame, if I may also oblige you for a drink, I will tell all the tales I know."

The old man flashed a warm smile and led the traveler into his home. "I am Alfred and over yonder is my wife Cella. We make a living farming the nearby fields. I am afraid we have no meat to offer, but fruit and vegetables we have plenty. Cella offer our visitor a drink, and two full glasses of water for the telling of tales makes a man's throat run dry."

The prince uttered a more than audible gulp. Knowing that the only tale he had was of foolishly circling the same swamp for days. He took the glass Cella offered him and quickly drank it down. Afterwards he regretted his rush, for slowly drinking the water would have given him more to time to think up an adventure…Wait! He knew plenty of adventures, he just needed to pick the right one. Thomas Dem? William Tuckard? Or perhaps his favorite Erik Richards, brave explorer of the distant islands of Coworsia.

"Well my most daring adventure began when I was sent off to explore unknown islands deep within the eastern waters-"

"Your highness, please do not recite falsehoods on our account, the tale of why you have ventured forth from your castle will be take enough for us."

The Prince felt his spirits sink, how could they have discovered him so quickly? He felt himself at a loss for words and looked at the ground, shamed for lying to them and shamed for lying so badly.

Alfred stepped next to his young visitor. "Fear not, we are friends and if you wish to fool others you will need to act more like a villager, for you manner and voice speak of privilege."

At that moment a young boy came bursting into the room. "Uncle Alfred I heard you had a visitor!" The boy ran to Alfred and stared at the man next to him.

"You heard no such thing young Phillip, you saw him come in from the woods didn't you?" The boy ignored Alfred's question and turned toward the visitor.

"Hey! It is the fella who was camping in the swamp for days! Wow! I never coulda done that were you not scared? How did you find your way with no compass or nuthin? Or was there one in those teddy bears you were sleeping with?"

The Prince blushed his obvious embarrassment and refused to answer any of the boy's questions as it had already been revealed what a bad liar he was.

"Now Phillip, you go outside and let him rest after his journey, I will call you when he is ready to tell you of his adventures."

"Really? You will not forget? I cannot wait! Do not forget to come get me!" The young boy ran joyously out of the room.