In the terms of a Shadow


I watched the world as a lie,

I watched people live and die,

I watched things as time flew by,

And not ever once have I asked why.


Back then I saw millions of faces,

Since then I've seen thousands of places,

I've participated in hundreds of races,

But I've seen countless dead human cases.


Once, I let out a small plea,

Though it was unheard, I just wanted to be free,

Since then, I've gone countless miles, from land to sea,

And have seen millions of smiles, never directed at me.


I was always there, yet you didn't know,

I could've been high in the sky, or deep down below,

And along with you, I too will grow,

But I wish I could just play with you, though.


Have you ever known I was there,

I have lived in the shadows of despair,

And though I'll never harm you, beware,

Dangers follow you everywhere.


You never notice me, but I am your friend,

And I'll always be there, when you play pretend,

I'll play hide-&-seek with you, when others can't attend,

But no matter what, I'll always be with you in the end.


I'm always with you, even though you'll never know,

You see, all I ever wanted was to say 'hello',

Right now, as I'm watching you play in the snow,

Unaware I am even there, for I am your shadow.


Told from the view of a... shadow, that's all I'll say for now.