Just Plain Tired

I'm tired
Tired of being told to be somewhere
Tired of being told I don't care
Tired of people acting like I'm not there

I'm tired
Tired of people treating me like shit
Tired of always being the one who's hit
Tired of being told I always quit

I'm tired
Tired of working and helping to pay the bills
Tired of giving up my money while my sister just takes pills
Tired of being the only one who breaks her back and kills

I'm tired
Tired of Jessica being treated like a queen
Tired of Jessica always treating me mean
Tired of Jessica never being seen

I'm tired
Tired of going to work and school
Tired of not getting a break at the pool
Tired of being treated un cool

In short, I'm tired
Tired of my life of crap
Tired of breaking my back
Just plain tired of paying for bills, while my sisters pay for crack