I'm never gonna be good enough,
I'm hurting so much inside,
Why don't you want me?
Why can't you need me?
Why am I me,
Why doesn't it matter when I cry?
Why do you help them?
Leaving me in the dark,
With blood and blades.
My thoughts and me.
Don't leave me alone,
With myself,
I don't know what will happen.

I'm never gonna be good enough,
I've lost it all,
Nothing lasts forever,
I'm sorry I'm me,
But I cannot be perfect.
Nothings gonna change the past,
The way you betrayed me.
I told you I hurt easily,
But you still did it.
You cannot help what you feel,
I know, but why drag me along,
With false hope.

I new you wouldn't love me,
It's impossible,
I'll never be good enough,
To hold, to kiss,
To love or trust.
I'm sorry I cannot be perfect,
It hurts so much inside,
I'm torn up within,
No where to run or hide.
I'm sorry I do bleed,
But it's my only release,
Because no one wants to listen,
To my life.
I'm sorry that I'm me,
Maybe I wasn't meant to be,
But I'm here,
I breathe,
I hurt and cry.

I'm never gonna be good enough,
I know I never will.
I live with this fact,
I crumble inside.
I stand strong out.
But that image is failing,
I need someone to love,
To love me back.
But it's impossible,
As I'm me.
Leave me in the dark,
With blood and knives.
Just don't leave me by myself,
I no longer wish to hide.

By Siobhan
Date: 8/June/2004