The Road Most Travelled By

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood",
And you took that less tampled path.
I walked it once with you,
Those trees sheltered the road,
And protected us from the scorching sun.
That grass was soft and sweet,
And it was soothing to the feet.
The wind whistling through the trees
Was gentle lulling music.
But that road forked yet again,
And I had found that I was tired.

I was tired of the lulling music,
And soft, cool shadows.
I was tired of the living half awake,
And half asleep.
So I found myself along hard packed streets, yet again.
The sun it burnt my head,
(but it fueled passion in my heart)
And the thorns stung my feet.
(but they quickened my pace towards this goal)
So I found myself alive, yet again.

I looked back towards that soft path
All with longing, aprehension, and mistrust,
And I wandered off the road.
So now I know not where I am.
I struggle through bramble,
And complications found on neither path;
The lines are no longer so clear,
And I wonder:
Am I in between two roads searching for one,
Or as this bramble clears, do I forge my own?