Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: What's to say?? Here's another poem about angst. It was just something
I wrote to pass the time away. I was so bored, and so I decided to write
something. This is what I came out with. I don't think that it's really
good, because I was bored when I wrote it. Tell you what...leave me a
review and tell me how you guys/gals liked it. I'M SOOOOO BORED!!!!

My vision gets cloudy with tears
Whenever I think of you
I miss you so much right now
Believe me I really do

I try to pretend that I'm strong
but without you I'm really weak
I wish that I had the strength
To get back on my feet

I promised myself this promise
That I'd finally get over you
You've broken my heart so many times
That forgetting is all I can do

But I can't really forget you
I don't even want to try
Spending my life without you
It makes me want to die

I'll reminisce on the good times
and keep you in my heart
I'll love you to the end of time
Where my love will never part

I haven't done shout outs in a while. I wanted to pay my respects to some
of the people who like my work enough to add me on their favorite list.
Thanks goes out to all you beautiful people. You guys/gals make me so
happy. Can you believe that I'm actually bouncing up and down in my seat
because of this. Really I am. Really....really. Anyways thanks to::
Drownding in tears
Acir 15
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Kanojo wa ore no Hikari
Nikki Blue
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Thanks for supporting me. Me so very very VERY HAPPY. :) :) :) :) ;)