All She Wanted

Chapter 1

"Ugh.." 17 year old Hannah McCloud groaned when she heard her alarm go off. She opened one hazel colored eye, brushed away the strand of dirty blonde hair that had fell in front of her face, and peeped at the red writing. 7:00am. Enough time to take a shower before her twin brother, Ryan, and get ready for school. She slowly dragged her 5"6 body up from her very comfortable bed and stalked out to the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later a groggily Ryan knocked on the bathroom door. "Hannah! Hurry up!"

"Just a second!" She called back.

Ryan stood at the door patiently, slouching slightly, not standing to his full 6 feet. His short dirty blond hair was completely messed up and everywhere.

A couple seconds later, the bathroom door opened and a whole bunch of hot steam followed. Then came Hannah, her body and hair wrapped in a dark purple towel. "There. All done."

"Finally." Ryan replied. "Think you used enough hot water sis?" He gave his sister a small smile before walking into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Half an hour later, both teenagers were downstairs. Ryan grabbed his backpack and was just about out the door when Hannah asked, "Ryan, can you give Katie and I a ride to school today? Katie's car is in the shop."

Ryan hesitated before answering. "Yeah sure. We gotta pick up Josh too."

At the sound of Ryan mentioning his best friends name, Josh, Hannah smiled and felt her heart start to beat faster. "Okay." She replied while grabbing her backpack and following Ryan out the door.

A couple minutes later, Ryan's blue BMW, pulled up in front of Katie's house. "Just honk the horn and she'll come out." Hannah told Ryan. So he did.

Katie came out and started towards the car. Her long chestnut brown hair was up in a loose ponytail that swayed from side to side with every step she took. She had a huge grin spread across her face as she came closer to the vehicle. As the 5"8 girl slid into the backseat where Hannah sat, her brown eyes twinkled with happiness when she saw Ryan.

"Hey girl." Hannah greeted Katie.

"Hey Hannah. Hey Ryan." Katie returned.

"Hey." He replied.

"Look at my new shirt Katie!" Hannah exclaimed.

Katie looked. "Ooo! That's such a nice blue color! Where did you get it? How much? I want one in purple!"

Hannah laughed. "I got it from Stitches. 25% off!"

"Wow! Okay we have major shopping to do." Katie and Hannah giggled while up front; Ryan shook his head while grinning.

Soon they pulled up in front of Josh's house. Again, Ryan honked his horn.

Josh came out all but smiling. He looked like he didn't get any sleep and his green eyes that were always full of happiness, now contained only sadness and grief.

He opened the passenger door and slid in the seat. Then buckled up his seatbelt. Josh put a small smile on his face and greeted everyone. "Hey Ryan. Ladies."

"Hey." The three said in unison.

"So, um, what's up? You're not looking like your usual self." Ryan asked.

Josh ran his hand through his reddish hair and answered, "Tanya broke up with me last night."

"I'm sorry dude." Ryan said, patting Josh's shoulder. He put the car into drive and the four teenagers started on their way to Groovewood High.

A/N: Hey guys! Well here's another one of my stories. And this one doesn't have Jesse McCartney in it! lol And I would really appreciate it if I got a couple reviews per chapter so that it would keep me going. feedback is always good! I have the first 5 and a half chapters written out and I just have to type them. but I think I need people who are interested in the story to continue it lol I know this chapter is a little boring and a little short. but I promise it does get better and the chapters are longer. ( Talk to ya all later!